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Link-It Plus is a button-knot soft shackle made from Samson’s AmSteel® -Blue, providing an easy to use, lightweight connection method. Replacing steel shackle or other connection types, Link-It Plus will not corrode or rust, and has short connection lengths. Link-It Plus comes with full chafe protection and an attached tag with rating information.

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  • Link-It PLUS
Baker/mainline connection   •   Drum termination   •   Emergency bridle connection   •   Messenger/pendant connection   •   Pendant eye handle   •   Pendant/mainline connection
High strength   •   Lightweight; less likely to cause injury   •   Less chafe damage on wear points   •   Shorter connection lengths   •   Quick, easy attachment and detachment   •   Will not corrode or rust

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812_Link-It_Plus_Soft_Shackles_TABLE_1200px*Spliced strength. Specifications only apply to Samson manufactured Link-It Plus soft shackles.
Samson provides all Link-It soft shackles with a durable tag. Please refer to tag for important use information.

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Link-It Plus CM Specifications Metric

Link-It Plus CM Specifications Metric*Strengths are based on a minimum D/d ration of 2.5 between the Bend Diameter and the Base Rope Nominal Diameter.
Use of LInk-It Plus below a D/d ration of 2.5 is not recommended by Samson.

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