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With so many rope options available it can be hard to know which rope is the right one to use. Samson VP of R&D, Kris Volpenhein explains how rope variations can influence performance, lifetime, and durability in the video below.


The Principles of Functional Design

K-100 TM Inspection ​

K-100 TM Installation ​

K-100 TM Lifting Simplified ​

K-100 TM Load Spin ​

K-100 TM Reeving Race ​

K-100 TM Weight Matters ​

Offshore Applications Overview

Offshore Capabilities

Tried and True​

Mining Advantage

Tech Tip: Proper Rope Sizing

Tech Tip: Taking out the Twist

Tech Tip: Eye Splice and DC Gard2​

Tech Tip: Shackle Sizing

Mooring Innovation

Mooring Line Durability Considerations​​

The Principles of Functional Design

Mooring Line Durability Overview​​​​

Tension Fatigue: Abrasion and Creep

Mooring Rope Construction and Material​

Icaria Explained​​​​

Mooring Product Comparison

EVATS Sea Trial

EverSteel-X Product Introduction​​​​

AmSteel-X Product Introduction

SureSteel Product Introduction

Tug Best Practices

Samson Production: Fiber to Finish

Winding Rope on a Winch​​

The Principles of Functional Design

Effect of Twist on Braided Rope​​​​

How Hot? How Cold?

Jacketed vs. Non-Jacketed​

DPX Fiber Technology​​​​

Surface Preparation

Messenger Lines

Why Splice?​​​​

Elongation Causes & Effects

Inspection and Retirement Guidelines

DSM: Reducing total operational costs

DSM: The Future of Abrasion Testing

DSM: Understanding Creep