Sustainability at Samson goes beyond profit margins. For us, it's a strategic mindset acknowledging the vital roles environmental and social factors play in long-term success. We have integrated sustainability into our core operations, considering the environmental impact of our processes, the health and safety of our employees, and engagement with our local communities. We believe that by embracing sustainable business practices we can contribute to a better future for both current and future generations. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in various aspects of our operations and products.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Samson, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an operational imperative and an integral part of our culture. Our corporate-level initiatives include environmental sustainability, community involvement, employee wellbeing, ethical business practices, long-term sustainability, and creating shared value for all stakeholders. By integrating CSR into our core business operations, we hope to actively contribute to a better world, fostering trust, transparency, and a positive reputation in the marketplace.

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Samson is invested in reducing waste by conserving resources, streamlining operations, and minimizing our environmental impact. We annually review how we can reduce carbon emissions and unnecessary material usage. By employing lean manufacturing principles and advanced technologies, we are continuously working to optimize production processes that eliminate inefficiencies and excess.

  • Challenges in reel disposal resulted in an investment in additional equipment at our manufacturing facilities to deliver products to our customers in coils. Coils are now the standard packaging format for 30-48mm AmSteel®-Blue, AmSteel®-X, EverSteel®-X, and SureSteelTM mooring lines.
  • Samson diverts 60% solid waste (27 tons) from landfills annually via recycling channels.
  • We have identified energy savings at our Ferndale, Washington manufacturing facility that has saved 17% in utility usage, including replacing HVAC units with Energy-Star certified units.
  • We make packaging selections with sustainability, durability, and customer needs in mind.
  • We build products that last, allowing them to stay in the field longer, and reduce overall usage and need for replacement. We have seen our high-performance mooring lines last for 20 years!



Samson is now sourcing Bio-based Dyneema® fiber from AVIENT that will be available for select HMPE products. This fiber is sourced from raw materials in the paper and pulp industries and utilizes the mass balance approach. Samson customers can receive more sustainable products with the same superior performance.  

Bio-sourced fiber indicator

For over 140 years the Samson logo has been a symbol of strength. Now, reducing your impact on the planet doesn't mean reducing quality or sacrificing strength. When you see this green logo, you'll know your rope has been made using bio-sourced fiber.

Products available with the option of bio-sourced fiber include AmSteel®-X, AmSteel®-BLUE, EverSteel®-X, Saturn-12TM, and Turbo-RCTM.
  • Our company is actively engaged in programs that will help create sports fields from post-life rope.
  • Samson prevents 5 tons of factory overruns per year from going into landfills by diverting them back into the arborist market for use in the field.
  • In addition, Samson is collaborating with AVIENT in developing more robust end-of-life options for HMPE recycling, including participation in their CirculariTeamTM coalition. 

Why Synthetic?

Wire vs. synthetic. It’s a study in perception vs. reality. While wire rope would appear to be stronger, that’s simply not the case. High-performance synthetic rope delivers comparable strength and durability, if not more so. Plus, synthetic rope is lighter weight, allowing for reduced carbon emissions, more cost-effective applications, improved efficiencies and operating cost, and easier handling for safer working conditions.


140 Years in the Making

As the world's largest high performance rope producer, Samson continues to operate at the forefront of the synthetic rope industry. As your needs are evolving, so are we. We are continually inventing, refining, and optimizing our products to ensure we provide you with the highest quality products and comprehensive service you expect from us. We aren’t satisfied with status quo. Never have been. That’s why we continue to take sustainability, product innovation, and service to the next level.

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