Samson has developed training and competency management programs designed to share our expertise. Ultimately, a competent team will facilitate safe use and maintenance of rope products, thus decreasing risk during operation. Both onsite and online training programs with courses ranging from rope splicing techniques, proper installation procedures, and safe line handling and use are available.


For the convenience of our customers, we offer Classroom, an online training platform. With Classroom, Samson experts are online globally, 24 hours a day and guided learning paths provide a curriculum for mastery on particular subjects. Whether it be personnel on-boarding, a refresher course, or required specialized training; regularly updated content delivered by Samson experts will enable comprehensive and consistent training. 


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Instructor-led training programs are available and cover a host of topics for various audiences, whether at job sites, customer facilities, or Samson headquarters. Onsite training is recommended for advanced concepts and more extensive curriculum. Onsite training can be requested in conjunction with any other Samson-provided service with appropriate notice given.


Certificates of course attendance will be delivered upon completion of any Samson-based training. To ensure concepts are grasped and understood, testing may be incorporated into the course work, and more robust certification programs are available.

With the Samson team doing the heavy lifting, you can rest assured that trained crews are utilizing best practices, preventing incidents from occurring and maximizing the service life of your lines. 

Let us show you the ropes or contact your Samson representative for more information.

Find out more about customized Classrooms for Mooring, Utility, and Splicer Certification.