Samson’s test lab conducts a wide range of services, including high-capacity tensile strength tests.  to support our product development, quality assurance, rope health management, and other customer needs. This testing is supported via :

  • High capacity tensile testing with long stroke lengths to support rope bedding and elastic stretch (Load ranges up to 1.1 million lbs)
  • Cyclic Bend Over Sheave (CBOS) tester equipped with advanced controls and data collection to monitor load profiles, speeds, elongation, and response temperatures
  • Winch Performance tester designed to characterize multiple aspects of rope behavior and influence on winch drums as well as full-scale rope coefficient of friction
  • Drop test tower designed to measure dynamic response for climbing and rescue products
  • A suite of testers to evaluate rope abrasion, fatigue, and toughness as well as foundational fiber-level performance characteristics like tenacity, creep, and abrasion

Not only do we test our products according to industry standards but we also develop our own tests so that we can further quantify rope performance and attributes in various applications.  This allows our customers to make more informed decisions about rope selection and maintenance and retirement policies. When you see the abbreviated form of Samson Rope Technologies (SRT), you can rest assured that Samson has designed, refined, tested, and approved the test method.



 Our tensile testing lab ensures that customers receive accurate and reliable data for informed decision-making and line retirement planning. The lab provides services for all of the markets and  industries we serve including arboriculture, commercial fishing, ocean transportation , and energy sectors.

Our laboratory’s thorough  rope strength tests encompass abrasion, tensile, and bend fatigue assessments to evaluate durability and remaining strength of our customer’s ropes after exposure to various methods of damage. 



Samson can test raw materials, abrasion, fatigue behavior, bend-over-sheave performance, and tensile strength. While we manage a variety of standard test methods, we can also support custom testing when your application or equipment requires extra assurance that the products you are using or considering are truly fit-for-purpose and you are ready to integrate them safely into your equipment and operations!

Benefits of our Custom Rope Strength Testing Services:
  • Reliability: Our team ensures the reliability of ropes in a wide array of applications and sectors
  • Safety: By enhancing safety standards and identifying critical weaknesses, we ensure that Samson products meet performance standards. 
  • Efficiency: Regular maintenance schedules and replacement intervals based on customized assessments
  • Customization: By customizing testing to your specific needs, we ensure products are fit-for-purpose and safely and seamlessly integrated into your operations