Samson’s test lab conducts a wide range of testing to support our product development, quality assurance, rope health management, and other customer needs. This testing is supported via :

  • High capacity tensile testing with long stroke lengths to support rope bedding and elastic stretch (Load ranges up to 1.1 million lbs)
  • Cyclic Bend Over Sheave (CBOS) tester equipped with advanced controls and data collection to monitor load profiles, speeds, elongation, and response temperatures
  • Winch Performance tester designed to characterize multiple aspects of rope behavior and influence on winch drums as well as full-scale rope coefficient of friction
  • Drop test tower designed to measure dynamic response for climbing and rescue products
  • A suite of testers to evaluate rope abrasion, fatigue, and toughness as well as foundational fiber-level performance characteristics like tenacity, creep, and abrasion


Residual strength testing can be used in conjunction with inspection and usage data from the field to determine the suitability of continued use and safely refine or extend service life expectations. Samson has a long history of assisting operators and end-users in establishing retirement criteria to maximize our customer’s return on their investment while assuring they are never compromising safety and reliability. Samson is home to the most robust research and development team in the industry, testing and analyzing hundreds of used ropes across various applications and industries each year. Your line replacement schedule will be predictable and manageable through proper documentation and testing.


Samson can test raw materials, abrasion, fatigue behavior, bend-over-sheave performance, and tensile strength. While we manage a variety of standard test methods, we can also support custom testing when your application or equipment requires extra assurance that the products you are using or considering are truly fit-for-purpose and you are ready to integrate them safely into your equipment and operations!