Why Samson?


When you need a rope to get the job done, you want to be assured that you are not only purchasing the best product for your needs but that you will receive stellar service to support the use of the rope in the field. All of this together is what we believe gives you the Samson advantage.

The Samson Story

In 1878, JP Tolman, a member of MIT’s first graduating class, founded the JP Tolman Company. Just five years later he’d patent a new switch braiding machine that would help launch what would become Samson. Today, we remain the leader in high-performance ropes.


Samson is at the forefront of the synthetic rope industry, utilizing the latest innovative fibers and proprietary constructions and coatings to design the perfect rope for your unique application. Our history with high-performance synthetic fibers makes us uniquely qualified to design, test, and recommend the appropriate rope for the job to be done -- no matter what industry you operate in. Not sure what rope you need? Visit our extensive library of technical resources, or contact us for consultation. Chances are we have a rope optimized for your application


We are in the business of developing high performance synthetic ropes to replace wire rope, chain, and commodity synthetics. Utilizing a breadth of fibers, from HMPE, Aramids, and LCP to more traditional polyester and nylon to blends leveraging the strengths of each, Samson has a long history in custom designing ropes to meet specific application needs. We pride ourselves on our quality and stand behind our products. We manufacture these in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities utilizing LEAN manufacturing practices to ensure we provide the best-performing and highest-value ropes in the industry.


We understand ropes; and we understand that not everyone does. So to ensure that you get the most out of our products, we provide unparalleled service and support across the globe. We can guide you through the purchase with technical consultation that gets you to the right rope for your application. To ensure you feel comfortable with your decision, we can visit your site to provide crew training on rope installation and handling as well as inspection and retirement criteria. In the field or on the water, our dedicated field service technicians are available, should you need assistance with your ropes in operation.