Essential Tools

We’ve created a variety of tools that are helpful to rope users. To find out more contact your Samson representative or your local distributor.

Samson App

Available for Android, iOS, and Windows, the Samson app brings you the latest in rope maintenance, innovation, and technology. Now it's easier than ever to track the condition of your rope while you are in the field.

The new and improved Samson App allows users to:

  • take the guesswork out of what to inspect.
  • pinpoint and document the exact positioning and severity of damaged ropes.
  • easily align rope condition to Samson retirement guidelines.
  • reduce time with automated reporting.
  • make informed decisions based on inspection results.

Find it in the app store!

Inspection and Retirement Pocket Guide

This all-inclusive technical rope guide is for enthusiasts and experts alike. The Inspection Checklist provides a technical reference for inspecting characteristics and conditions you must consider before deciding to repair or retire your rope. The Abrasion Guide provides visual guidelines for evaluation of both internal and external abrasion to aid you in rating the condition of your rope and recommendations on corrective action.

Log Calculator
Log Impact Force Calculator

Our new Log Impact Force Calculator is a great tool for estimating peak loads on your rigging lines. This wheel calculates the peak line tension of Samson ropes utilized in negative blocking rigging operations and compares the calculated result to the working load limit of the specified type of Samson rope.

Splicing Manual

This splicing manual represents the results of the ongoing efforts by our R&D team, application engineers and dedicated sales representatives in meeting and exceeding the toughest demands and challenges from our customers around the world. Keep this guide on hand for all your splicing needs.