Emergency Vessel Attachment & Towing System (EVATS)


Samson’s EVATS provides a significantly safer, rapidly deployed, more efficient connection method for towing disabled ships. EVATS is designed to have near-universal compatibility with ships mooring gear arrangements with multiple attachment points on the disabled ship. Also, it enables the rescue vessel to maintain safer distances from the disabled ship. EVATS can be deployed from the ship’s deck, helicopter, or rescue vessel.


Specification Table of EVATS - Emergency Vessel Towing System

  *Bridal Configuration

EVATS System Schematic

The Towing Bridle constructed of Quantum-X™, with patented DPXTM fiber technology leads through the centerline chock on the disabled ship and attaches to multiple deck fittings. Engineered for improved snag resistance and a high coefficient of friction,  Quantum-X offers an enhanced grip on bitts and chocks. Chafe protection provides increased security on key contact points.

The Hawser bushing is sized to fit through most chocks and provides a secure, non-abrasive connection between the bridle to the towing hawser. Made of marine-grade aluminum, it is easy to handle and incorporates optimized line bend ratios. The bushing allows the bridle legs to share towing loads equally, even when rigged asymmetrically.

The Towing Hawser constructed of AmSteel®-Blue combines extreme strength with ease of handling and positive buoyancy. Tubular line floats are added to ensure the composite thimble remains readily recoverable at the water’s surface

The Retrieving Line constructed of Quantum-12TM, with patented DPXTM fiber technology, incorporates a pilot anchor to stream the hawser to windward when deployed from the disabled ship. This allows the rescue vessel to stand off while retrieving the tow system rather than attempting close maneuvers. Additional floats and a strobing beacon make it visible in darkness or periods of low visibility.

Packaged in a cargo net inside the crate for quick deployment from either ship's deck, by helicopter, or rescue vessel. 

Evats Systems and Ropes being lifted


EVATS Orange Crate


The EVATSTM system is the subject of U.S. Patent No. 10,279,870, Chinese Patent No. ZL 2017 8 00377029, and the following pending patent applications: U.S. 16/222,298, HK 19124282.5, EP 17814113.1, and JP 2019-518169.

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