We test our ropes the same way you use them—in real-world conditions

Samson’s R&D department has performed extensive testing of sling samples in different configurations. Our test methods comply with industry standards such as CI-1500, but with more stringent specifications and testing instructions to eliminate wide tolerances or generalized procedures. The SRT testing methodology (based on spliced samples tested to destruction) mimics real-world conditions better than most testing protocols. Our strength information does not have to be adjusted or interpreted to compensate for the effect of splices. ISO strengths are also listed for comparison. This investment in testing results in a knowledge base that allows us to successfully design, fabricate, and proof load slings to match the requirements of critical high-load lifts.

Help when and where you need it

We bring this extensive knowledge base to bear when assisting with third-party certifications. Samson, or one of our m aster fabricating distributors serving the Americas, Europe, and Asia, can also assist with proof-loading and third-party certifications. Slings can be inspected and recertified after the project is complete, and inventoried for future projects.

SATEC Testing

Sling Configurator: Bringing it Together

Samson's custom-designed, proprietary software tool quickly analyzes critical lift requirements of your project and determines the optimum sling design to meet your objectives.

  • Pin sizes
  • Working load limit (WLL)
  • Length requirements
  • D/d ratios

Because this unique software tool is available to our Master Fabricating Distributors worldwide, it means:

  • More efficient design
  • More efficient fabrication
  • Assitance with certification
  • Fast delivery