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When rigging trees for limb or top removal, care must be taken to avoid failure in any part of the system and perhaps your most important tool is your line.To absorb the amount of energy it takes to stop a falling limb using a rope with higher elongation will result in lower peak forces than using a rope with lower elongation. Ropes with high elongation, such as Nystron, have a number of advantages when compared to a less elastic rope, such as Stable Braid:

  • Reduced peak loading
  • Reduced risk of system failure due to:
    • Less stress on the rope
    • Less stress on rigging hardware
    • Less stress on the tree
    • More energy absorption by the rope

We recommend that the arborist use the right tool for the job:

  • For top roping and dropping loads in tight spaces:
    • Stable Braid provides the greatest control for rigging of objects.
  • Rigging objects above the anchor point and dropping in open spaces:
    • Nystron provides improved shock absorption capabilities and reduces the chance of failure with a dropped load.
Energy Absorption