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DC Moor-Gard STM

DC Moor-Gard S is a braided tubular sleeve made of 100% HMPE fiber that offers excellent chafe protection for high performance ropes. The reverse twisted construction aligns the internal fibers with the axis of the rope to reduce friction between the rope and the chafe guard. The addition of Samson’s proprietary coating enhances the abrasion resistance and further helps reduce internal and external fiber damage accumulated by the core rope. This has been proven to lead to lower operating temperatures and extended service life. The urethane coating has been removed from the ends, and DC Moor-Gard S is now finished off with a durable back-splice. This provides ease of handling for positioning the sleeve onto the line at known wear zones. Standard length is 10 feet (3 meters), custom lengths are available.

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Fixed or adjustable for easy positioning • Lightweight • Flexible • ​Floats • Pull straps standard; also available without straps • Easily removable for rope inspection


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