Introducing Defender Fuse™ - Innovative Snapback Prevention

Oct 24, 2023

Ferndale, WA, October 24, 2023 — Samson, the leading developer of high-performance synthetic rope solutions worldwide, is pleased to announce the introduction of Defender Fuse™. Designed to complement standard mooring systems, Defender Fuse is an advanced overload warning system engineered to mitigate snapback situations. This new product is unique because it can be added to any mooring system without line replacement and accounts for total system energy.


While other snapback technologies only consider the energy of one mooring component, Samson has designed Defender Fuse to absorb energy within the entire mooring system, including the stiff, high-performance mooring lines common in the industry and their elastic tails. Defender Fuse consists of a trigger and a catch. It was developed to mitigate recoil situations before they occur. The trigger will deploy at a specific percentage of the ship design MBL (MBLsd). The catch material will continue to elongate until it reaches its final length, up to 150% more than its original, before complete rupture. In this way, the elongating material acts as an early warning system. Available in a range of sizes and strengths, Defender Fuse can be easily positioned between the mooring line and tail or between the tail and onshore mooring point.

Animation of Mooring Line & Vessel


“Safety is a topic we are passionate about, and why we have been working toward clarifying industry-wide misconceptions related to safety and mooring line recoil, particularly as it relates to considering total system energy. We were not convinced that the existing market product offerings were the best solutions, and we wanted to do more. Because this concept is so innovative, we took a robust approach to product assurance and testing during our development by utilizing MEG4 best practice recommendations and working with the American Bureau of Shipping for third-party approval.
- Dustin Heins, Engineering Manager 

“Samson has long focused on crew safety and maximizing the service life of mooring systems by building products that last, tools to help monitor the condition and usage of lines in the field, and promoting best practices. We are pleased that operators can do even more to enhance operational safety with Defender Fuse.”
- Michelle Jarvis, Product Line Manager-Commercial Marine 

Since their first recoil safety rope was developed in 2006, Samson has been an early pioneer in recoil safety products and is well suited to answer critical questions concerning mooring line recoil and tackling the bigger question of safety in mooring operations.

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