ICARIA for Workboat

May 23, 2022

Samson ICARIA® for Workboat, The Digital Solution for Towing Line Management


Samson is excited to announce the launch of ICARIA for Workboat, a full suite of digital services dedicated to Tug line management. ICARIA for Workboat includes a new Inspection App designed to ease usage and condition data collection, an online portal CONNECT™ designed for trend and data analysis, and our online CLASSROOM™, which includes courses designed to build crew competencies. ICARIA for Workboat seamlessly gives users the tools to maintain a safe, cost-effective rope health management system. The ICARIA service platform contributes to enhanced crew and vessel safety, rope health, and line service life.

Designed to be user-friendly in an environment where moving from paper to digital systems is an inevitable business requirement, Samson and ICARIA for Workboat will guide users through the transition and into the digital age of rope health management.

At Samson, we know that savings on cost per tow are important. And getting the most life from your lines within an important safety profile is where ICARIA for Workboat can help. Using ICARIA for Workboat will help you track line usage and maintenance, document damage, and provide the data you need to make line retirement decisions.

The new Samson app has state-of-the-art inspection features built from 30 years of in-field inspection experience, bringing the power of safety and compliance to the palm of your hand. The app allows users to document inspections in an easy step-by-step process using Samson best practices. Automatic report generation enables users to make informed decisions based on those results. In addition, the app features an augmented reality measuring guide for recording line damage, offline capabilities for use in remote areas, and RFID scanning for ropes fitted with Samson’s INTELLITAG™ technology. Advanced review from Samson experts can also be requested using the app. The Samson app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows.

CONNECT is an online portal built to help customers in the maritime industry manage their lines. Working seamlessly with the Samson app and accessible by field personnel and staff, CONNECT includes inspection details, fleet analysis, data management, trend analysis, line life predictions, and rope condition visibility. Featuring a rope-centric dashboard, users can easily see upcoming maintenance, robust reports, including pre-port acceptance reports, and manage incoming data from the Samson app. In addition, CONNECT gives you the power to view, compare, and manage vessels at the Fleet level.

Samson’s CLASSROOM includes 12 courses ranging from Line Inspection Procedures to line installation and repair procedures. Not only does CLASSROOM improve crew knowledge and encourage safe decision-making, but Samson industry experts also lead these specialized training courses. Also included are course completion tracking, renewals, and reminder notifications. Additionally, Samson has included a splice certification program, allowing rope users of all levels to become certified in Samson’s splicing techniques.

For more information on available courses, visit

Samson Classroom on a laptop

Together, these components combined with Samson Services form the new ICARIA for Workboat Service Program, a part of our Rope Health Management initiative. 

Find out more about how Icaria and Samson services can provide you with a complete line-lifecycle management solution by contacting your Samson Representative today.

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