Samson's products have a proven track record in a range of applications. Our technical services further improve safety and assure reliability of our product throughout its life.

From design to retirement. Samson's 140+ years' experience in synthetics, emphasis on advanced research and development, and safety focus make us the best choice in the industry for supply and service of all types of synthetic lines, for multiple applications.

Through years of experience and close customer support, Samson's service team is highly trained and familiar with a wide range of safety procedures from the industries we serve. Our technicians and field sales team are equipped with appropriate PPE and carry many safety accreditation to enable in-field support, including TWIC, BOSIET, OPITO and MSHA. This knowledge and experience reinforces our emphasis on safety - for ourselves and every customer we serve.

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There When You Need Us

Samson's Engineering and Technical Service team stands behind you.  In addition to quality products, you can count on us for expert advice, product maintenance, ongoing training, and testing support.