Samson synthetic mooring and towing systems meet the performance requirements for any modern fleet. These engineered systems offer longer service life, reduced manpower requirements, and improved safety to delivery significant savings.

  • Reduced Weight
  • Reduced Manning
  • Increased Service Life
  • Increased Safety / Reduced Recoil
  • Superior Performance: Higher Strength & Better CoF Performance
  • Increased Services Life
  • Equipment Standardization
  • Increased Military Capability
  • Space Savings
  • Underwater UAV
  • Mooring Lines / Pendants Tails
  • Tug Assist Lines
  • Emergency Tow Lines / Systems
  • Specialty Applications
  • Submarine Tow / Recovery / Rescue Craft
  • Mine Counter-Measures / Mine Laying
  • Amphibious Warfare Landing Craft / Beach Recovery
  • Flight Deck Weapon and Gangway Nets
  • Flight Deck Aircraft Securing
  • Q-12 DefenderTM Reduced Recoil


Featured Product: Quantum-12

Samson Quantum-12 is a lightweight, high-strength, floating rope that can grip on a capstan or bollards. The patented DPXTM fiber technology provides superior abrasion and cut resistance, but with a higher coefficient of friction than other high modulus polyethylene ropes.