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Contact: Charlotte Wells, Samson
Phone: 360.384.4669

Thanks to SmartCore Technology from Samson, lighter no longer means smaller

Ferndale, WA – November 5, 2007 - Samson, the worldwide leader in high performance cordage, has developed SmartCore™ Technology, the most innovative idea to hit the arborist industry in years.  SmartCore™ Technology enables a standard 1/2" (12.5mm) 16-strand climbing line to have the same lightweight benefits as a 7/16" (11mm) 24-strand line. Until now, lightweight meant smaller diameter.

SmartCore™ Technology is a patent pending,  proprietary core construction that lightens the weight of a 1/2" climbing line by 20 – 30% over a conventional 16-strand climbing rope without sacrificing feel and performance.  SmartCore™ creates a firm, round rope with low elongation, so all your energy goes into going up rather than stretching the rope. This firm construction means better handling through hardware and increased performance with most high temperature friction cords. The uni-directional core also means less kinking and snagging when you’re working aloft.

Samson has answered the call of professional arborists and provided a solution that translates into more efficiency. “In this industry time is money. Arborists have been asking us to reduce weight without sacrificing diameter and SmartCore™ allows us a way to accomplish just that. Anytime we can offer a product that provides superior performance and allows arborists to work smarter and faster, we have added practical value. We have a winner with SmartCore™” says Randy Nulle, Sales Director.

SmartCore™ Technology is built into Samson’s new climbing line, Lightning™, available exclusively at SherrillTree. To find out more about Lightning™ call 1.800.525.8873 or visit sherrilltree.com.

About Samson:
For over 130 years, Samson has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance ropes. Among its many innovations, Samson invented the double braid and pioneered the first high modulus polyethylene fiber ropes. Today, Samson engineers continue to pioneer the use of new fiber technology and the development of innovative coatings and constructions to produce ropes with unprecedented performance characteristics. Samson’s research and development team is meeting an ever expanding market need for products with exceptional performance in critical applications. Samson is part of Wind River Holdings™ portfolio of operating companies. For more information about Wind River Holdings™ visit www.windriverholdings.com.
To find out more about Samson call 360.384.4669 or visit our website: www.samsonrope.com