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    Lifting or shifting dead weight loads calls for lines that have the strength to perform, and the resistance to bend fatigue needed to get the work to be done. Firm constructions that work well on winch drums, enhance lifting capacity, and have the durability for long-lasting performance all typify Samson’s range of winch lines. Available in single braid or double-braid constructions, and in several different fibers that allow you to regulate the length, diameter and strength of the winch line to suit your application.
Winch Line / UtilityProductConstructionFiber (Core/Cover)
AMSTEEL® II - CoatedCore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® - MFP Blend / Polyester
AMSTEEL® II - UncoatedCore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® - MFP Blend / Polyester
AMSTEEL® II PLUS - CoatedCore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® / Polyester
AMSTEEL® II PLUS - UncoatedCore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® / Polyester
NYSTRON - CoatedDouble BraidNylon / Polyester
NYSTRON - UncoatedDouble BraidNylon / Polyester
QUANTUM-1212-StrandDyneema® - Polyester Blend
STABLE BRAID - CoatedDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
STABLE BRAID - UncoatedDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
STABLE BRAID BLACKDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
TURBO-RCCore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® / Dyneema®
VALIDATOR IICore Dependent Double BraidVectran® / Polyester