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Secondary Mooring LineProductConstructionFiber (Core/Cover)
DUAL BRAID NYLONDouble BraidNylon / Nylon
DUAL BRAID POLYESTERDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
FUSION-1212-StrandDyneema® - Polyester Blend
PREMIUM POLYESTER-88-StrandPolyester
PROTON®-88-StrandDyneema® - Polyester Blend
Q-12 DEFENDER12-StrandDyneema® - Polyester - Nylon Blend
QUANTUM-1212-StrandDyneema® - Polyester Blend
QUANTUM-X12-StrandDyneema® - Polyester Blend
RP-12 NYLON12-StrandNylon
RP-12 POLYESTER12-StrandPolyester
RP-12 SSR-120012-StrandUltra Blue Polyolefin - Polyester Blend
RP-12 ULTRA BLUE12-StrandUltra Blue Polyolefin
SSR-1200-88-StrandUltra Blue Polyolefin-Polyester Blend
STABLE BRAID - CoatedDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
STABLE BRAID - UncoatedDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
STABLE BRAID BLACKDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
SUPER STRONGDouble BraidNylon / Nylon
ULTRA BLUE-88-StrandUltra Blue Polyolefin