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Product Code:893

Fiber:Technora® / Technora®

Specific Gravity:1.39

Splice:Product Specific Class II

Emergency tow-off pendants (ETOPs), commonly referred to as “fire wires,” provide a means of towing the ship away from the dock in the event of a fire. Samson developed Vulcan, a synthetic alternative to traditional wire ropes (fire wires). Vulcan is significantly lighter and eliminates “fish hooks,” which are broken wires that protrude from the wire rope and result in hand injuries. Maintenance costs are also reduced when using synthetic ropes in comparison with wire ropes. The patented synthetic ETOP Vulcan is made of Technora® fiber in conjunction with a proprietary fire-resistant coating that meets the OCIMF required breaking strength after exposure to flames and a high-temperature environment. Contact customer service for order assistance and pricing.
Elastic Elongation:
DIAM. (inch)CIRC. (inch)WEIGHT PER 100 FT. (lbs)AVG. STRENGTH (lbs)MIN. STRENGTH (lbs)DIAM. (mm)CIRC. (mm)WEIGHT PER 100 M (kg)AVG. STRENGTH (kg)MIN. STRENGTH (kg)ISO 2307 STRENGTH (metric tons)
1 1/43 3/461.6136,000122,000309091.761,70055,50061.7
1 5/16469150,000135,000329610368,00061,20068
1 11/165 1/4107211,000190,0004212615995,70086,10095.7
1 7/85 5/8125247,000222,00046136186112,000101,000112
2 1/86 1/2149306,000275,00052156222139,000125,000139
2 1/47168329,000296,00056168250149,000134,000149
2 1/27 1/2192375,000338,00060180286170,000153,000170
ISO strength specifications are for unspliced rope. All other strength specifications are for spliced rope.


  • Barge Tie-Up Line
  • Emergency Tow Off Pendant

Features and Benefits

  • 60-70% (2/3rds) lighter than wire
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Easily stored when not in use
  • Easy to adjust
  • Heat and flame resistant
  • Lightweight
  • No lubrication necessary
  • Reduces mooring-related injuries and claims