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Product Code:704

Fiber:Polyester / Polyester

Specific Gravity:1.38

Splice:Product Specific Class I

The high elongation of polyester, coupled with a 3-strand core construction, give Turbo-37 superior shock mitigating properties. Its construction lends itself to retaining its firm, round shape during use with minimal compression or burying on a winch. The best feature of Turbo-37 is its 100% polyester cover, which provides superior abrasion resistance. This product design requires a specialized splicing technique. A standard cover repair kit is available and easy to use in the field.
Elastic Elongation:
DIAM. (inch)CIRC. (inch)WEIGHT PER 100 FT. (lbs)AVG. STRENGTH (lbs)MIN. STRENGTH (lbs)DIAM. (mm)CIRC. (mm)WEIGHT PER 100 M (kg)AVG. STRENGTH (kg)MIN. STRENGTH (kg)ISO 2307 STRENGTH (metric tons)
2 5/88234271,000244,00064192348123,000111,000123
2 3/48 1/2279319,000287,00068204415145,000130,000145
3 1/410407450,000405,00080240606204,000184,000204
3 5/811496537,000483,00088264738244,000219,000244
ISO strength specifications are for unspliced rope. All other strength specifications are for spliced rope.


  • Tug Mainline
  • Tug Pendant
  • Winch Line / Tug

Features and Benefits

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Excellent drum spooling capabilities
  • Excellent shock mitigation
  • Firm shape retention on winch
  • High elasticity