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Product Code:226

Fiber:Ultra Blue Polyolefin-Polyester Blend

Specific Gravity:1.14

Splice:3-Strand Class I

SSR-301R is a high-strength, lightweight, and controlled smooth-checking 3-strand line that has double the wear life of standard lockline ropes due to the fiber blend and internal Resistex® lubricant. It is Thirty-five percent stronger than standard polypropylene and each core fiber is covered with high-tenacity polyester blended with spun polyester. The constant migration of Resistex® to the surface yarns maximizes rope wear life, allows consistent checking ability, and minimizes heat buildup during checking.
Elastic Elongation:
DIAM. (inch)CIRC. (inch)WEIGHT PER 100 FT. (lbs)AVG. STRENGTH (lbs)MIN. STRENGTH (lbs)DIAM. (mm)CIRC. (mm)WEIGHT PER 100 M (kg)AVG. STRENGTH (kg)MIN. STRENGTH (kg)ISO 2307 STRENGTH (metric tons)
1 1/24 1/246.943,00038,7003610869.819,50017,60019.5
1 5/8557.549,50044,6004012085.622,50020,20022.5
1 3/45 1/26658,60052,7004413298.226,60023,90026.6
2 1/479983,40075,1005616814737,80034,00037.8
ISO strength specifications are for unspliced rope. All other strength specifications are for spliced rope.


  • Barge and Dredge Working Line
  • Tug Lock Line

Features and Benefits

  • 30-35% stronger than standard polypropylene
  • Double the wear of standard lock line ropes
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Flex-fatigue resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Low elastic elongation
  • Most cost effective lock line available
  • Provides long-term smooth consistent checking