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Increase productivity and safety while reducing cost of operations.  Samson’s high-strength, lightweight synthetic ropes are proven to outperform the wire ropes and chain they replace – even in the demanding environment of the modern mine.  Applications where Samson’s high-performance synthetic ropes provide a safer, more efficient work place are:

  • Material handling winch lines
  • Belt pull-in ropes
  • Recovery and towing assemblies
  • Body tray slings, truck bed tie-downs
  • General wire rope replacement

In mines that have switched to Samson high-performance synthetics, users report that properly used ropes last significantly longer than the wire they replace, and are much safer to handle. The result is a level of reliability, safety and productivity that wire ropes cannot approach.

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Synthetic Rope Improves
During Conveyor-Chain Installation
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Improve Winch Safety and
Efficiency to
Mining Operatons
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The Samson Mining Advantage ensures the safe and long-term operational benefits of our high-performance products from installation to retirement. Watch the video to learn more>​

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