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CASE STUDY: OlympusTLP Tow-Out Marks Shell's First Use of Synthetic Rigging

Transporting monolithic structures over long distances is a major undertaking that calls for fully engineered solutions. Towing the Olympus TLP—Shell’s newest and largest tension leg platform (TLP)—from the construction and integration yard in Ingleside, Texas to its new home in the Mars B field, more than 425 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, was in planning for over two years. At more than 400 feet tall and weighing 120,000 tons, moving the platform is equivalent to moving a forty-story building that’s nearly a city block square. To make matters more challenging, it was hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico.
This was also the first time that synthetic lines were used exclusively to rig a tow-out and installation for one of Shell's projects.