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Samson's new Log Impact Force Calculator is a great tool for estimating peak loads on your rigging lines.

Log Impact Force Calculator
Peak Line Tension

This wheel calculates the peak line tension of Samson ropes utilized in negative blocking rigging operations, and compares the calculated result to the working load limit of the specified type of Samson rope.

Estimates made by this calculator assume fulfillment of all of the following responsibilities:

  • All workers are properly trained in arborist operations and strictly follow all safe arborist working practices. Safety is your responsibility! Practices which affect line tension include but are not limited to:

    • Remove all slack from rigging line when tying off or friction wrapping Buy Now

      the line prior to completing the topping cut.

    • Allow the rigging line to slide on a lowering device to reduce peak loads. When in doubt, LET IT RUN!

  • All Samson ropes utilized in the operation are in good usable condition, and users follow Samson guidelines for inspection, maintenance and retirement of ropes, found in our Rope User's Manual.

The guide is applicable only to the listed Samson ropes in good, usable condition.


NOTE: Actual peak line tension may, at times, be lower than the peak line tension shown on the calculator. However, safe practices require working under the guidelines set forth in this calculator.